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Organizing B2B meetings during the Turkistan International Forum requires careful planning and coordination. Here's an instruction guide to help you organize these meetings successfully:

  1. Planning and Preparation:

    a. Define Your Goals and Expectations: Determine what you want to achieve at the forum and what specific goals you have for the B2B meetings. Clearly define your expectations from participating.

    b. Assemble Your Team: Appoint responsible team members who will be in charge of organizing and conducting the B2B meetings.

    c. Registration: Register for the forum and select the appropriate sessions.

    d. Promote Your Participation: Promote your participation and your intention to host B2B meetings among your business contacts.

  2. Identifying Partners and Participants:

    a. Identify Potential Partners: Identify potential partners and participants whom you would like to meet at the forum.

    b. Invite Participants: Reach out to potential participants and invite them to the meetings. Provide them with a clear understanding of what they can gain from the meeting.

  3. Organizing B2B Meetings:

    a. Schedule: Create a schedule, specifying the date, time, and duration of each meeting.

    b. Venue: Choose a location for the meetings. This can be your meeting areas at the forum, a conference room, a hotel lobby, or another convenient location.

    c. Technical Setup: Ensure you have the necessary equipment (e.g., computers, projectors, Wi-Fi) and software to facilitate the meetings, for example, ask to join your colleagues abroad.

  4. Conducting the Meetings:

    a. Prepare Presentations: Prepare presentations or materials that you will use during the meetings.

    b. Greetings and Introductions: When meeting with participants, introduce yourself, provide information about your company, and explain the purpose of the meeting.

    c. Documentation and Notes: Keep records of the meeting's progress, capturing key points and commitments made by both parties.

    d. Adhere to the Schedule: Respect the participants' time and stick to the scheduled meeting times.

  5. Post-Meeting Follow-up:

    a. Track Commitments: After the meetings, follow up on commitments made during the B2B meetings.

    b. Communication with Participants: Reach out to participants after the forum to discuss next steps and coordinate additional actions.

    c. Evaluation and Analysis: Evaluate the results of the B2B meetings and analyze how successful they were in terms of achieving your goals.

Following these steps will help you organize B2B meetings during the Turkistan International Forum efficiently and make the most out of the event for your business development.