Investment Projects

Invest in Turkistan region

To place projects in the projects section, you must:
  1. Download the form for posting projects on the website (Download)

  2. Fill out the form, preferably in 3 languages

  3. Send the completed form to

  4. Make sure that the project is posted on the website (3 days after submission)

  5. If contacted by investors and interested parties, organize a meeting within TIF2023

To organize meetings with project initiators, you must:
  1. Open the link to the projects section.

  2. Select the main organization.

  3. Find projects in the relevant organization.

  4. Click on the project and download the pdf document of the completed project form.

  5. Study the document and contact the project initiator indicated in the file.

  6. If you are interested in investing or becoming a partner, organize a meeting within the framework of TIF2023.